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Magnet Program

Mayall Academy of Arts and Technology Magnet welcomes all new students!  Our school is located in a peaceful residential area of North Hills.  We have 480 students representing a variety of ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.  The Magnet school serves grades K-5.  We are a continuous enrollment magnet whereby resident students receive priority.  There is limited bus transportation provided to our Magnet School this year.

Choices brochures will no longer be mailed home.  Brochures can be obtained in the school office as well as any Public Library.  Applications will be accepted electronically and through mail each year in October.  Please visit for more information and application.  Please read the brochure carefully before applying.  Students are selected at random by the LAUSD Magnet Office based on the points priority system.


How to Apply:

Magnet Application Questions

1.  What does a magnet application look like and how do I get one?

-The magnet application comes in the form of a brochure.  It is called CHOICES and is available in print at all schools, L.A. City Libraries, Local District Offices, and LAUSD Headquarters as well as online at beginning in October of each year.

-Applicants must be residents of LAUSD at the time of application and while participating in a Magnet.


2.  How do students become eligible to attend a Magnet?

-All students living in the LAUSD boundary lines are eligible to attend any magnet in LAUSD excluding the gifted/highly gifted/high ability magnet (these require specific eligibility criteria for selection).


3.  How does the magnet office select students for the magnet program?

-The magnet program is a court-ordered voluntary integration program.  Due to a limited number of available spaces, students must apply by completing and returning the magnet application (CHOICES).  Each student is assigned a number of priority magnet points.  The selection is then made by a random selection weighted by the priority points.  Mayall Academy is also a continuous enrollment magnet.  If you reside within our school boundaries, your student will be granted admission upon magnet application completion.


4.  When will I be notified if my child has been accepted to a magnet?

     -Confirmation Letter – February

     -Correction Letter (if necessary) – February

     -Acceptance Letter – April/May


LAUSD Magnet Program: