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Schoolwide Positive Behaviors


The 3 B's

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School-Wide Positive Behaviors





      Be Safe

     Be Respectful

     Be Responsible

To and From School

  • Walk
  • Look both ways before crossing
  • Say good morning to classmates and teachers
  • Walk on sidewalk only
  • Follow rules of cross walking
  • Go straight to and from school


  • Flush toilet and wash hands
  • Give people privacy
  • Use the restroom and then leave
  • Throw away used paper towel in the trash can


  • Walk in the walkways
  • Watch for opening doors
  • Quiet voices
  • Hold door for others behind you
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Go directly to your destination
  • Go directly back to class


  • Walk
  • Keep food to yourself
  • Use quiet voices
  • Listen to the yard supervisors
  • Eat the food that you take
  • Wait patiently in line for your food
  • Clean up all trash


  • Walk to and from your assigned area
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourselves
  • Remain in your play area
  • Listen to the directions of the yard supervisors
  • Play fairly
  • Use the bathroom and get water before the bell
  • Bring your equipment to and from the yard
  • Use equipment appropriately
  • Freeze at the first bell and walk to the line after 3 whistle sounds