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Homework Policy


The Los Angeles Board of Education homework policy states that study outside of the classroom os a part of a pupil's educational program. Therefore, the following principles should direct homework assignments:


  1. Homework is a related to classwork.
  2. Homework emphasizes quality rather than quantity.
  3. Homework should be consistent with the level of work pupils are doing at school.
  4. Homework should be geared to individual and group needs.


This is the time schedule that we follow:


GRADE                           DAYS                         TIME ALLOTMENT

K                             Monday-Thursday             15-20 minutes per day

1-2                          Monday-Thursday             30-35 minutes per day

3-4                          Monday-Thursday             35-40 minutes per day

5                             Monday-Thursday             50-60 minutes per day


An extended assignment may be scheduled over a period of time which may include weekends, as appropiate for an objective.