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Ralphs Community Contribution Program

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of Ralphs. With your help and the support of your members, family and friends, Ralphs is proud to report that we are committed to giving $2 Million during the next 12 months through our Community Contributions Program.

Our new program year begins on September 1, 2017. Your organization is still active and will remain active in the program.  Your supporters, however, will continue donating only through August 31, 2016.  

Participants can start registering for the new term on September 1st 2017. To ensure your organization continues to receive the benefits of the program, your supporters will need to register and/or re-register as quickly as possible on or after that date at .

It is also extremely important that we have up-to-date organization contact information.  Email us at [email protected] with any changes to your primary or secondary contact on the organizations’ account.

Please pass the following information on to all your supporters, family and friends who would like to participate:

Participants are required to register for the new term online at or by calling us at 800-443-4438 starting September 1, 2017. Even if your participants registered as recently as June, July or August 2017, they are required to register again beginning September 1st.

For your convenience, step-by-step website registration instructions can be found at, click on Community, click on Community Contributions, click on ‘Enroll Now’. If you don’t have computer access, please call us at 1-800-443-4438 for assistance.